A history of breakfast cereal

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A history of breakfast cereal

Do you know a breakfast cereal ?. A breakfast cereal or the name you simply called is cereal , it is a packaged food product made from cereal lintended to be consumed as part of a breakfast .It is usually eaten cold as a ready-to-eat meal and mixed with a liquid, such as milk or water , though occasionally yoghurt and fruit are also added. The exception to the rule are cereals such as oatmeal and porridge , which are eaten hot.

Breakfast cereals have their beginnings in the vegetarian movement in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, which influenced members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the United States. The main Western breakfast at that time was a cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, and beef. The first breakfast cereal, Granula (named after granules) was invented in the United States in 1863 by James Caleb Jackson, operator of the Jackson Sanitorium in Warsaw, New York and a staunch vegetarian. The cereal never became popular; it was far too inconvenient, as the heavy bran nuggets needed soaking overnight before they were tender enough to eat.

The next generation of breakfast cereals was considerably more convenient, and, combined with clever marketing, they finally managed to catch on. In 1877, John Harvey Kellogg, operator of the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan, invented a biscuit made of ground-up wheat , oat , and cornmeal for his patients suffering from bowel problems. The product was initially also named "Granula", but changed to "Granola" after a lawsuit. His most famous contribution, however, was an accident.After leaving a batch of boiled wheat soaking overnight and rolling it out, Kellogg had created wheat flakes. His brother Will Keith Kellogg later invented corn flakes from a similar method, bought out his brother's share in their business, and went on to found the Kellogg Company in 1906.With his shrewd marketing and advertising, Kellogg's sold their one millionth case after three years.

In the 1930s, the first puffed cereal, Kix, went on the market. Beginning after World War II, the big breakfast cereal companies – now including General Mills, who entered the market in 1924 with Wheaties – increasingly started to target children. Sugar was added, and the once-healthy breakfasts began to look starkly different from their fiber-rich ancestors; Kellogg's Sugar Smacks, created in 1953, had 56% sugar by weight.Different mascots were introduced, first with the Rice Krispies elves and later pop icons like Tony the Tiger and the Trix Rabbit.

A cereal out side America's


Common hot cereals in Canada include oatmeal, Cream of Wheat and Red River cereal. These hot cereals are typically served with maple syrup or brown sugar and milk or cream. Yoghurt is a popular addition to Red River cereal. Due to commercial availability, instant oatmeal has become increasingly popular, in flavors such as peaches and cream, maple and brown sugar, and cinnamon raisin.


In China, a popular breakfast combination is fried bread and rice congee.


In Greece, cornmeal is poured into boiling milk to create a cereal of a thick consistency which is often served to young children.


In India, a popular breakfast combination is poha and milk. Poha is flattened rice flakes or wheat flakes and mixed with hot milk, sugar or jaggery and a minute quantity of cardamom, making a wholesome breakfast. This is very popular in West India. In North India, a similar breakfast is Dalia, made with whole wheat grits. It can be made both sweet(cooked in milk with sugar) or salty (cooked in water using vegetables). The South Indian staple breakfast is idli, sambar, and vada. Like all traditional South Indian meals, this breakfast is served on a banana leaf.


In Russia, a popular breakfast is kasha, a porridge of buckwheat (гречка), farina (манна), or other grains. Kasha is found throughout much of Eastern Europe, including Poland, Croatia, and Lithuania.

South Africa

Pap is a kind of porridge used in a variety of African meals eaten throughout the day. In other parts of Africa it is known as ugali, sadza, and banku.

Porridge brands unique to South Africa include Jungle Oats and Bokomo Maltabella (made from malted sorghum).


Breakfast cereals are marketed to all ages. For adults, companies such as Kellogg's, Quaker Oats, Post, Nestl้, and General Mills promote their products for the health benefits gained from eating oat-based and high-fiber cereals. Manufacturers often fortify breakfast cereals with various vitamins. Cereals with relatively high sugar content are also produced. The breakfast cereal industry is highly profitable, with gross profit margins around 40-45%, 90% penetration in some markets, and steady and continued growth throughout its history.

Did you know someting , because of Kellogg, the city of Battle Creek, Michigan is nicknamed the "cereal city".


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